The Heavens and the Earth

ان في خلق السماوات و الارض و اختلاف الليل و النهار لآيات لاولي الالباب

Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, – there are indeed Signs for men of understanding.
Holy Qur’an, (3:190)

ان في السماوات و الارض لآيات للمؤمنين

Verily in the heavens and the earth, are Signs for those who believe.
Holy Qur’an, (45:3)

هو الذي خلق لكم ما في الارض جميعا ثم استوى الى السماء فسواهن سبع سماوات و هو بكل شي‏ء عليم

 It is He who has created for you all things that are on earth.  Moreover His design comprehended the heavens, for He gave order and perfection to the seven firmaments;  He has perfect knowledge of all things.    Holy Qur’an, (2:29)

God is the Creator of the wonders of the heavens and of earth, of night and day and of our sustenance from heaven and earth (27:64).

In the creation of the heavens and earth, and of living creatures, including man, are Signs

In the Holy Qur’an, God has repeatedly mentioned about the heavens and earth. The heavens and the earth include not only the planets, the suns, the galaxies, but our own “heavens and earth”.  The earth symbolizes our cellular being, the physical body and its needs.  It includes all the functions of our being which we hold in common with animals.  The heavens symbolize the higher, subtler, more delicate aspects of our being, the most spiritual levels of our soul.  We carry heaven and earth within ourselves, and we may choose to which aspect we heed and respond. Sabzevari, in the 12th century, said that people may be as beastly as the worst of beasts or more angelic than the angels. Except people are even worse, for the animals are innocent.

Everything which He has created  “He has created Most Good” (32:7), and this is an important lesson to be heeded.  Each of us is His creation, and therefore is good, and we need to discover the source of goodness within ourselves, and nurture it to blossom in order to leave a balanced life.  We are manifestations of the Divine, capable of reflection of the Divine attributes if we concentrate on developing the finer nobler qualities within ourselves.

هو الله الخالق البارئ المصور له الاسماء الحسنى يسبح له ما في السماوات و الارض و هو العزيز الحكيم

 He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, and the Bestower of Forms. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare His Praises and Glory: and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.
Holy Qur’an, (59:24)